J. Newton Interiors – JNI - An Amelia Island-based interior design practice – offers design solutions that take a new, fresh approach to interior design to create one-of-a-kind spaces that reflect the clients’ individual personality and embrace the concept of “Design. Build. Live.”

JNI listens to their clients, then incorporates their tastes, passions, living style and most loved possessions into a seamless design plan that offers spaces that are both warm and functional for the life they lead. Julie Newton Bennett’s philosophy makes it clear, “Good design is for function. Great decor is for style. It takes both melded together to create a perfect, functional home that is an individual statement of personal style.”

JNI takes a hands-on approach as both decorator and project coordinator - managing the entire design process from developing the initial concepts, to selecting paint colors, window and floor coverings, furniture and cabinetry design, artwork and decorative objects.

Julie Newton Bennett’s works have spanned the gamut from a Charleston-style row house in Savannah, Georgia, to a ritzy penthouse on Amelia Island, Florida, to a corporate-retreat hunting lodge in the wooded countryside of Georgia. Her designs and distinctive flair for decorating never repeats itself, so that each finished home is a truly distinctive reflection of the owner’s taste.

On this website you will explore various styles of homes Julie has designed as well as the array of color, style, and decor she has brought to life for her clients. Designs that stand the test of time and remain fresh for decades are a hallmark of J. Newton Interiors. JNI's designs are never the same from project to project, as each client’s home is always individually designed and decorated and never repeated. The only repetition you will find among Julie’s many projects is the function of good design.

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